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retreat package

To promote your captivating yoga retreat, creating engaging media that captures the essence and style of the retreat requires a careful selection of appealing images that showcase the beauty and tranquillity of the retreat while embracing the transformative power of yoga. 

As a professional yoga photographer & videographer, when we come to capture the yoga retreat for a whole day, the package includes the following:

 1. Up to 200 Professionally Retouched Pictures: Receive beautifully edited images with your own filter that capture the retreat's essence.

 2. One Dynamic Web Video: A visually engaging 4K video (up to 2 minutes) showcasing the retreat highlights.

 3. Two Vertical Reels Videos: Two up to 60-second videos for social media Reels.

230725_Malva Yoga_872_cc_web.jpg


Images of participants gracefully engaging in yoga poses amidst the serene backdrop of Mallorca's natural beauty.

230725_Malva Yoga_788_cc.jpg


Capture picturesque landscapes, sparkling waters, and the enchanting retreat amidst lush greenery.

230725_Malva Yoga_68_cc_web.jpg


Showcase the mouthwatering, nourishing dishes that participants will enjoy during their stay.

230725_Malva Yoga_183_cc_web.jpg


Showcase engaging activities: hiking, culture, adventure, for a thrilling retreat.

230725_Malva Yoga_338_cc.jpg


Highlighting the skilled yoga instructor guiding poses and fostering trust. Yogis can also book personal photo sessions.

230725_Malva Yoga_917_cc.jpg


Conclude with a heartwarming group photo, celebrating newfound friendships and community.

This series of pictures was taken during a yoga retreat held by wonderful Malva:

at the beautiful location:

Tramuntana flow

This comprehensive package ensures your retreat's magic is captured in stunning visuals.


Total investment: 980 € + IVA.

Additionally, if you choose to include it in the retreat program, participants can select a private 1-hour photoshoot, creating a perfect memory of their unforgettable retreat experience.

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