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INSPIRATION COMES from our origin

Mexico besides of being my place of birth is my inspiration.

I'm sitting at Madrid airport, drinking a tea and waiting for my last final flight after those 2 long flights: Guadalajara-Cancun (2 h 45m), Cancun-Madrid (8 h). My ass hurt for being seated too many hours, but nothing matters after so many memorable moments with such inspiring people. My creative friends, visual artists, sound artists, label artists, cultural promoters, the climbers, trail runners, mountain bikers and taxi entrepreneurs and mezcal leaders. I love all of them but mainly because I love my family so much that those 10,000 km are nothing compare the measurement of the big inspiration I get from each one of them.

Every chance you could find to inspire yourself that may add good and strong energy and why not maybe something new, do not hesitate to take it. I want to share some images captured during this 3 weeks trip to Mexico.

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