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THE IMPORTANCE of taking time off

We just came back of a three weeks journey to Luis’ homeland: Mexico! We enjoyed being with the family, eating every day tasty food (chilaquiles, tacos, shrimp cocktail, ceviche, carne en su jugo, fresh juices, coconuts and many more), went to the lucha libre (Mexican wrestling show I worked as a camerawoman back then) and went swimming at some beautiful cenotes at the Mayan Rivera next to Tulum. It was incredibly wonderful to disconnect, to relax and enjoy every day with the flow it came with.

Having your own business or working as a freelancer means that you don’t have a 8 to 5pm job and when leaving your office you just forget about your to-do list and postpone it until the next day. In German the translation of the word "freelancer" is “Selbstständig” which you can divide into “selbst” which means “yourself” and “ständing” means “constantly” - so you are working for yourself constantly and all the time… We love our job, and to quote Karen Darke - the star of our Documentary 'Para-Rider in Rio de Janeiro': “If we find what we are passionate about and work really hard at it, then we’re gonna do the best that we can and I think we will be happy no matter what happens then…”

With ‘Al Aire Films’, we found our passion translated into work. We always do the best we can given the circumstances, budget and time pressure and although while working you might find us serious, we seriously concentrate on what we’re doing and deep inside are really happy about and just love it!

Still, it’s very important for us and really, for everybody to disconnect for a time, and consequently to reconnect with ourselves, with what we love to do without having a camera in our hand or a screen in our face.

Majorca offers us so many good life qualities and in our free time we take our dog with us for a hiking in the mountains, climbing in the endless climbing zones of the tramontana mountains, taking the our kayak for a ride (yes, the dog comes, too) and a swim and snorkel in the sea afterwards. Being in nature is what we are, what we believe in and what we need to feel alive and to give it a sense to it all.

We appreciated this time off and are endlessly thankful for it. We tanked enough energy, feel renewed (although with a slight jet lag) and are ready to start a new cycle of #lovingwhatyoudo at work.

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