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AlL AIRE FILMS_the beginning

I often tell people that 'Al Aire Films' was founded more through a coincidence than actually a plan or a wish we longed for. Luis expressed his first idea to learn how to fly a drone when we lived in Cologne, Germany. He bought himself a mini helicopter and suddenly we had a robotic fly in our living room crashing against the walls when he was trying the biggest challenge: to get the heli through the living room door to our bedroom.

Then in Mallorca he purchased a second-hand drone, a DJI Phantom with a GoPro and those special glasses you can put on to see live what the camera is capturing. But the problem was that, if you see what your camera sees you can not see the drone and how close it is flying to possible dangers, such as trees, streetlights, cables, walls and other obstacles. Luis flew the drone in a very insecure and hesitant way. Until the day, that I put his special glasses on, saw what the drone was filming and was giving constant feedback to Luis on the images, like “a little more to the left, there, now hold still, wait…very good, continue”. Luis could finally and completely focus on the drone’s flight. And it was a challenge indeed, because that very first time we “worked” together, the drone took of from a small motorboat in the sea, when we were doing some deep water soloing climbing with our friends from Rock & Water Mallorca.

Back home I edited the material, stabilised the images the best I could and cut together a small clip. That was the beginning of 'Al Aire Films' and we proudly want to show this very first video we did together. We are happy about our progress since then in shooting videos ;) We now fly a much more professional drone and only use aerial images to add a nice touch to a film. The other 95% are filmed with our DSLR videocameras, capturing in subject detailed images the essence and emotion of the action that takes place.

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