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LOS HIJOS DEL MAR | for Seabin Project




- Script

- Location scouting

- Pre & Production

- Directing

- Videographers

- Drone

- Editing in post-production


Two young surfer kids talk about surfing, the pollution in the ocean, and ‪karma‬. The more kids, schools, and sports clubs we can get involved with the "Global Ambassador Program" the more change we can bring to the world. We understand that the Seabins are not the final solution to our ocean littering problem. The real solution is education. Seabin Project made this short film about having the kids involved with the project. Seabin Project is developing an educational "Global Ambassador Program" to be included in the sale of the Seabins which will have local schools, sports clubs, and social groups interacting with the Seabins and the marinas who install the Seabins. The future is looking bright!


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